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Kenneth Lucas 

Kenny Luacs has been passionate about game design since he was 12 years old. Since then, he has worked on numerous projects ranging from Apple IOS game development  to console games.

Dylan Wendt

Dylan is a recent CS grad of University of Utah from Tennessee. He spends his time running pen and paper games and playing video games. Now he gets to do what he loves, and he looks forward to seeing what we can do. 

Jesse Saunders

Jesse is a gameplay programmer. He really enjoys making things and watching small parts come together to make big projects.  Nothing beats creating cool things and then sharing them with people, which is why he's happy to be working with FatalFox. 

Kim Hopkins

Kim is an artist at FatalFox Studios. Kim does environment modeling and hand painted textures, She loves getting to create the environments and puts a lot of care into each piece.

Robert Kay

Robert is the lead programmer at FatalFox Studios. He graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2021 before starting at FatalFox Studios. When not making (or playing) games, he spends his time reading, hiking, and playing Pathfinder.

Asher Pinson

Asher is a technical artist at FatalFox Studios who has been making games since he was 12 years old, with experience across a variety of aspects of game development. Whatever Asher works on, he strives to deliver high-quality work and give everything he works on a solid level of visual polish.

Meet the Team

FatalFox is a pioneer in the gaming industry, built from the ground up by a group of professional gamers ( and nerds ). We are casual, energetic, and humorous, but lead with authority and the spirit of teamwork.


The gaming industry is fast paced and ever-changing, as are we; our team will continue to innovate and share our advancements with the world of passionate gamers as we grow. 

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