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The Story

This adrenaline-pumping first-person shooter game thrusts you into a nightmarish world of werewolves, vampires, and dark, gory horrors. In DreadMoon, you take on the role of Ulric, a once-deceased knight who has been resurrected for a singular purpose: to seek vengeance and destroy the malevolent vampire lord, Balthazar, who cruelly ended your life.

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Online Mayhem

Gather your squad and engage in intense 4v4 matchups or face new challenges in unique modes like Alpha and Seal the Deal.


Starting December 12, 2023 enter the world of DreadMoon with your friends, free of charge with our Early Access release. The exciting multiplayer mode unleashes the full might of DreadMoon’s gameplay, featuring 5 maps and 7 game modes. 

Single Player

Online Co-Op Multiplayer

Online Player vs Player

Full Controller Support


Features & Modes

Features and Game Modes
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The last remnant of a once prosperous people, Luisa has carved out a living in the shadows of her former lands that have been under Balthazar’s curse for a long period of time. Luisa likes magic spells, books, and mixing potions.


Ulric was the human leader of a contingent of knights leading the fight against Vampire lord Balthazar. After being defeated and left to rot, Luisa raises him into a werewolf from the grave as her instrument of vengeance.


Once the mysterious Vampire Lord Balthazar was released from his imprisonment in a castle, he set his eyes on rebuilding his vast army of monsters and raising the local populace into walking skeletons of their former shelves.


Meet the Characters

Features and Game Modes


Game Maps

Features and Game Modes
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DreadMoon's Ulri
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Screenshots & Video

Features and Game Modes